I am a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago and a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory. My research focuses on developing new systems to address various computational and data-intensive problems.

Together with Ian Foster, I co-lead the Globus Labs research group. We are interested in a broad range of research problems in distributed systems, data-intensive computing, learning systems, and research data management. We are particularly interested in exploring theoretical concepts in systems and developing implementations that are usable by a wide range of people. My active research projects include:

  • Parsl: parallel computing in Python
  • funcX: distributed function as a service
  • DLHub: machine learning model publication and serving
  • Whole Tale: multi-user platform for reproducible research

I received my Ph.D. from the department of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington in March 2011. I also hold a BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science and BSc. in Mathematics and Computer & Electronic Systems.

We are always on the lookout for talented graduate students and postdocs. Please send me an email if you are interested in joining us or look for open opportunities on our group webpage.